In a crowded, competitive market, we understand how important it is for your business to control costs, deliveries and inventories of your fuel and gas oil products.

We have worked with businesses of all sizes to find the right product solutions. From convenience stores to automotive gas stations, Leone Petroleum will partner with your business to create a comprehensive retail package that is tailored to your business’ unique needs and that is in line with Sierra Leone Petroleum Unit directives and requirements.

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Our dedication and attention to our customers is what sets us apart from our competition. Leone Petroleum understands that your business has specific needs that must be filled in a timely, accurate manor.

From large bulk orders to quantity specific packages, we work with businesses of all sizes to fulfill their fuel and gas oil needs. Whether you are a professional company or operate a full service industry, we have the tools needed, including competitive rates and weekend deliveries, to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine, and always in line with Sierra Leone Petroleum Unit directives and requirements.

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Leone Petroleum delivers Inland gas oil bunkering. We operate at our storage facilities at Cline Town, Queen Elizabeth 2 Quay of the port of Freetown.

We provide fast and efficient gas oil onshore bunkering services for container and general cargo ships, tankers, carriers and fishing vessels in the region.

We have a simple goal as your supplier – to provide high quality fuel bunkering at a competitive price to support your business today and in the future. Choose us as your partner and you have a strong and positive ally in your quest to operate profitably and successfully.

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Leone Petroleum provides gas oil bunkering services offshore and on the high seas, serving the needs of commercial vessels, fishing fleets and offshore platforms and their associated industries at highly competitive rates. Over the years, Leone Petroleum has become a key player in the bunkering market in West Africa, with the advantage of benefiting from facilities at key strategic locations along the coasts of Sierra Leone.

Leone Petroleum owns and charters high quality ships and experienced crews that comply with the latest international standards, and has built a well-earned reputation for the highest quality service and expertise.

Our fleet of bunker vessels is specially adapted to service offshore rigs; using high-pressure pumps and Dynamic Positioning Systems to transfer fuels safely.

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